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Available Positions:

Las Vegas

Pipe Fitter




Construct, assemble, service, and repair steam, domestic, hydronic and thermal fluid boilers. Set, secure, pipe in water, steam, fuel, vent and stack lines following blueprints or direction. Work involves use of hand and power tools, plumb bobs, levels, wedges, lift and drift equipment. Assist in testing assembled vessels. Direct cleaning of boilers and boiler related equipment. Inspect and repair boiler fittings such as safety valves, regulators, automatic-control mechanisms, water columns, and auxiliary machines.


1. Follow the rules of safe conduct at all times.

2. Accurately interpret and apply information from work orders, job orders, specifications, blueprints, ISO’s or other drawings and recognize basic blueprint terms and symbols for job application.

3. Identify, recognize and demonstrate safe usage of hand tools and power tools appropriate for the job. 

4. Recognize various materials used in the craft and demonstrate a working knowledge of appropriate material handling techniques. 

5. Select and safely use appropriate equipment which may include (but not limited to) man lifts, fork lifts, and company trucks. 

6. Demonstrate knowledge and skills in safe rigging practices. 

7. Identify, explain and perform crane hand signals.

8. Demonstrate ability to align structure or plates that are to be assembled on boiler frames, tanks, or structures. 

9. Demonstrate ability to hammer, flame-cut, file or grind irregular edges of structural parts. 

10. Demonstrate ability to effectively communicate with other employees in positioning drums and headers into supports and both the supports to frame.  

11. Demonstrate ability to align, connect and expand water tubes to drums and headers.   Demonstrate ability to “bell” and “bead” or weld tube ends. 

12. Demonstrate ability to install manholes, hand holes, valves, gauges, and feed water connections in drums and vessels.  

13. Demonstrate ability to repair boilers, tanks, and vessels in the field by unbolting or flame cutting defective sections. 

14. Examine boilers, pressure vessels, tanks, and vats to locate defects such as leaks, weak spots, and defective sections so that they can be repaired.  Inspect assembled vessels and individual components, such as tubes, fittings, valves, controls, and auxiliary mechanisms, to locate any defects. 

15. Repair or replace defective pressure vessel parts, such as safety valves and regulators, using torches, jacks, power saws, threading dies, welding equipment, and metalworking machinery.

Required Skills


1. Positions require working in: climbing, bending, sitting, walking, kneeling, crawling, standing, lifting, pushing, and pulling. 

2. Good hand eye balance and the ability to distinguish colors are required in order to use the tools that are necessary to perform the required work.

3. Employees must have vision which has good depth perception in order to judge distance and space relationships.

4. The employee must be able to work in all types of weather conditions. 

5. The ability to work in elevated positions is a must. 

6. The employee must be able to work in confined spaces as well as wear the following safety equipment when need be: reflective vests, ear protection, particulate mask, rubber gloves, leather gloves, hard hat, slicker suit, rubber gloves, full face breathing mask, safety glasses, wearing full safety harness, or wearing a face shield. 

7. The heavy work demands will require up to 100 pounds of force to be exerted occasionally and up to 50 pounds of force to be exerted frequently, and up to 20 pounds of force to be exerted constantly to move objects.


· Should have at least 2 - 3 years as an apprentice/helper in one of the mechanical areas such as Boilermaker, Pipefitter-Bolt Up, Pipefitter Fabricator or Welding

· Should have at least 1 - 2 years as a journeyman asa Boilermaker or Pipe Fitter-Bolt Up

· Experience in one of the mechanical areas such as Boilermaker, Pipe Fitter-Bolt Up, Pipe Fitter Fabricator or Welding field a plus.

· Must successfully pass an in-house craft assessment.

· Must be able to work in team environment

· Must have aminimum of 1 year experience working in an industrial environment


·         Desert Boilers & Controls, Inc. is an equal employment opportunity employer. All qualified individuals will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability and/or protected veteran status in accordance with governing law.